Attention Business Owners & Human Resource Managers

Would You Like To:     Increase Employee Productivity?

                                       Decrease Health Insurance Costs?

                                       Improve Employee Morale?

                                       Decrease Absenteeism?

                                       Create An Overall Healthier Workforce?

We offer onsite services at your company and will also provide a 10% discount on our 
in-home services at your employee's residence. A corporate fitness package will be customized to suit your unique needs and budget. 

The investment for corporate fitness services may be covered by the employer, the employees, or a combination of both. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation. 

Onsite Health & Fitness Assessments
    Designed to test baseline fitness measures & provide counseling on the benefits of
     exercise. Employees will be tested in the following areas: Blood Pressure, Resting
     Heart Rate, Range of Motion, Cardiovascular Function, Body Composition, and
     Strength & Endurance. Personalized recommendations will be provided to each 
     employee based on the assessment results.

Onsite Nutritional Counseling
    A full nutritional analysis will be performed on each employee to determine eating
     habits as well as any nutrient deficiencies. Each employee will be provided with a
     personalized nutrition plan complete with weekly menus, grocery shopping lists, and
     educational handouts.

Onsite Fitness Programs
     Choose from a variety of group fitness options including yoga, cardio kickboxing, or
     our popular corporate bootcamp program. These classes can be conducted indoors
     or outdoors, depending on the season. We can offer these programs at your company 
     or your employees can enroll in our community classes for a 10% discount.

Biggest Loser Challenge
    Make a huge impact among your employees with your very own Biggest Loser
    Challenge. This 12-week program includes a combination of all services where each 
    employee will receive an initial fitness assessment as well as a post assessment
    showing all results in graph format. Program also includes an individualized exercise
    program, a personalized nutrition plan, weekly group bootcamp style workouts, and
    weekly team based challenges. We stand behind our  Biggest Loser Challenge 
    program by guaranteeing that EVERY participant will make dramatic improvements
    in their health & fitness levels or the entire program is FREE

All services backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!!
We can assure you that every one of your employees will be 
100% satisfied with our professional services or we will
refund your entire investment!!!